Storm Brewing

August 2,2019, 4

(Published as is)

It has been awhile since I have seen a vision or a dream from the Lord, but I just did. I can no longer sleep, with this weighing so heavily on my mind.

It was daytime. I was at a public gathering place, such as a park where there was lots of people milling about, yet it was not a big city. There were business buildings, but the town looked small, with no large buildings. A country town, perhaps.

Suddenly the day got black as night, as storm clouds covered the land. A violent tornado appeared and ripped apart trees. It was heading right for me and a small group of people around me. We ran a few yards where an earth structure offered some protection. It was square, earthen walls only about four feet high, and the dugout ground beneath was just a few feet deep. It did not offer much protection; if the tornado passed over head it would have sucked us up into the vortex and killed us instantly. More trees fell in the path of the tornado. It was so dark the surroundings. The sky was menacing. People were scared, very scared. Me, too. There was nothing we could do.

Then the tornrado changed directions. But another one formed just a few yards from us. It was not a full tornado yet, but it was trying to become one. The funnel dipped from the sky then dissipated. It dipped again and nearly touched the ground, but veered upwards before it grew into a storm funnel.

The people in the foxhole with me, decided, me too, to look for real shelter. We saw a hillside below us a few yards, and ran towards it, seeking lower ground. But the area was filled with first-responers and their flasing emergency lights. It looked like major trouble so we looked elsewhere. A three-story building offered some protection behind it in an alley, but the structure was no more than plywood. It would shatter into toothpicks.

Then the dark sky broke up. It was bright daylight again. The storm was gone. We all went to our separate homes.

This was somewhat of a recurring prophetic dream to me. Ezekiel 38 and 39, abut nuclear destruction comeing like a dark cloud over the land. The Lord is not passing over this lightly. It is coming. Russia is going to attack. Even the small towns, like the one I was in, will be affected. How can that be? Thjere are no missiles descending about insignifican towns and villages, yet there it was, as menacing as any previous vision I have seen engulging America's largest cities.

Nearly two hours have passed, with me sitting at my computer on my word processor. I am considering publishing this blog, as is, with no editing, to show the deseperation of what I just witnessed. It was not tornado. It was a devastating nuclear strike, terrifying us, but leaving this small town without an major strike. We will be affected, but not directly in the path.

And still, Lukewarm Christians gather in their Prosperity churches, and mingle together about the church outing they are plannin, and declaring that Christ willnot return in their life times, but that it is an event far, far away for another generation to concern themselves with. And the Pastor says to talk about such a thing is "negative thinking." Concentrate on the good tings. There simply are no bad things. Rub the belly of Genie Jesus and get your three wishes.

But I am supposed to tell you, the storm is coming, and there is no escape if it is in your path. But there is ONE who will save us from the terror, and his name is Jesus. We will be attending a Wedding Feast in the Kingdom of God, as the Son of Man marries the true church, the ones who are not Lukewarm. It is laughter and feasting. Down below, the Devil has come. You don't want to be there.

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