Thank you for perusing the first draft of “Covid-666.” This is the time of the Antichrist. It is the reason I was born. Please understand that this is only a first draft. The final, published version will be different.

The purpose of a first draft is to fill the pages, much like an artist puts the first coat of paint on the canvas. Do not critique the words or grammar of a first draft. They are not important at this point. I am more interested in seeing if the “story line” works. If the Table of Contents works. I have already made several changes to the Table of Contents in order to make the story flow better. You will notice that I do not even number the chapters yet.

Coronavirus is the opening salvo of the battle to bring the Antichrist to the forefront. It has been Prophesied for two thousand years. It is here. Spread the word to everyone you know to read this. The Lord removed me from by body and took me to a spiritual world for over forty years, showing me great mysteries. He always said, “Write what you see.”

I am not doing this book for money. I will be charging the minimum amount allowed by Kindle. Only NINTEY-NINE CENTS. And Kindle keeps most of that. I don't care. It is more important for you and family and friends to read this, than for me to make royalties. I have to sell this on Kindle because they control eighty-percent of book sales. It is also necessary for me to use their “Digital Rights Management” so nobody can alter the contents or steal it.

This is a true story. God is real. Satan is real. And most people are walking in their sleep, not even recognizing that the Antichrist and his human supporters are behind Coronavirus. COVID-19 is COVID-666.

Michael Mullen

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