• UN Says Yemen’s Warring Parties Must Face Justice
    A group of Eminent Experts on Yemen accuses Yemen’s warring parties of widespread violations, some amounting to war crimes and crimes against humanity.  They are calling for an end to impunity and for perpetrators of these crimes to be brought to...
  • UN Secretary General Welcomes Yemeni Prisoner Release Pact
    A spokesman for U.N. Secretary General Antonio Guterres says the U.N. chief “welcomes” the agreement Yemen’s warring parties have reached to exchange more than 1,000 prisoners; a move designed to revive the stalled peace process of the more...
  • Despite ‘compromises’, peace remains elusive in Yemen, says President, calling for...
    The President of Yemen on Thursday called on the international community to end the suffering of Yemenis through ensuring “decisive and active” pressure on “the Houthis and Tehran,” and for the implementation of UN Security Council... Topics: Iran, Tehran
  • U.S. Rationale for Military Aid to Saudis in Yemen War Is Fraying
    The Trump administration argues that its partnership with Saudi Arabia helps reduce civilian killings in Yemen. But State Department investigators and other U.S. officials say the efforts are flawed. Topics: Military, Saudi Arabia
  • 5 Civilians Hurt in Houthi Attack on Saudi Arabia
    Five civilians were injured when a military projectile launched by Yemen's Iran-aligned Houthis hit a village in Saudi Arabia's southern Jizan region, state media reported on Saturday.State news agency SPA quoted a civil defense spokesman as saying... Topics: Saudi Arabia, Military, Iran


  • Libyan rivals conclude talks on key security and military issues
    Delegations from Libya’s warring sides meeting in Egypt have concluded two days of security and military talks in efforts towards a lasting ceasefire, the UN political mission for the country, UNSMIL, has reported.  Topics: Military, Egypt
  • Libya: A Country Up for Grabs?
    Farah N. Jan, Ion Marandici Security, Middle East Libya has become the site of a proxy war between Russia and Turkey. For peace to prevail in Libya, a clear American strategy of engagement is imperative. Libya has become the site of a proxy war... Topics: Russia, Turkey
  • U.S. weighs closing embassy in Iraq as threats raise spectre of Benghazi
    President Donald Trump is weighing closing the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad as intelligence agencies in recent weeks have picked up specific threats against American forces in Iraq, including against the embassy itself, according to three people with... Topics: Iraq, Benghazi, Donald Trump, Baghdad
  • 3 Libyan Oil Ports Resume Operations as Deal Starts to Kick In
    Work has resumed at three of Libya's five oil port facilities after an eight-month hiatus. However, two ports have yet to resume work, including Libya's largest, the al-Sharara oil field.      Libyan media reported sporadic militia clashes in the...
  • Iranian Drones Buzz US Aircraft Carrier; Helicopter With 'Russian PMCs' Crashes In Libya
    Iranian Drones Buzz US Aircraft Carrier; Helicopter With 'Russian PMCs' Crashes In Libya Tyler Durden Thu, 09/24/2020 - 21:20 Submitted by SouthFront, A Libyan National Army (LNA) military helicopter that was transporting... Topics: Drones, Military