I will be launching MULTIPLE books during the first half of January. This is by far the best time of year to launch books because millions of people will have new Kindles for Christmas, and the MAJOR book publishers will stop all of their promotions because they sell most heavily during the Christmas season.

When I first published many years ago, I made a living with my books. Things have changed dramatically. For one, book stores are going out of business. Who could have dreamed that Borders, the largest in the world, would be extinct like dinosaurs?

Now everyone buys their books on AMAZON. And the lion's share of those are Kindles. So I am busy learning the new trade of "Amazon Algorithms" from Adam Houge, the #1 Best Selling Christian author in the world. Just got off the phone with him and we developed my new marketing plan. LAUNCH EVERYTHING AT THE SAME TIME, from December 26 to January 15.

So I am busy writing up a storm for launch season.

These six books will be released:

1) Out of Body JOURNEYS (complete)

2) The Rise of Allah (complete)

3) Antichrist & Armageddon (complete)

4) Satanic Science from Outer Space (nearly complete)

5) How to Explain Prophecies to Family & Friends: They think you are insane.

6) Second Coming In Our Lifetime:
How to Convince Skeptics that the Time is NOW