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The Economies of the World must Crash


Before the Mark of the Beast can come into existence, the human bloodlines of Satan are working hard to crash the currencies of the world. Then they can implement their computer dollars.

Digital money that is controlled by the RFID chip embedded in a person's hand or forehead. All other monies are obsolete like Confederate money. If a person does not cooperate with the Antichrist, he will have their money shutoff. They get no food, shelter, medical, clothing or anything to survive. This has already been invented and just waiting for one big catastrophe to begin.  DISCLAIMER: War of the Angels does not endorse any 3rd party video. We are not responsible for any content, and we may or may not agree with everything in the following videos.

Global Economic Crisis

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  • Video inside: Smart Manufacturing Rocks Your Efficiency
    RFID transponder has been in many use cases as a critical component to facilitate more advanced applications. Among these form factors, overmolded (plastic injection) hard tags are often required for industrial, logistics or medical device tagging purposes. That said, the harsh environment with high/low temperature, chemical exposure, and water interference are in common presence. SAG […]
  • Smartrac Introduces New DOGBONE DURA Tag
    Smartrac Introduces New Extra-Robust “DURA” Delivery Format for Inlays and Tags! Smartrac, an Avery Dennison company (NYSE: AVY) announced the introduction of its new “DURA” delivery format for a multitude of its inlays and tags, with DOGBONE® DURA being the first RAIN RFID (UHF) product available. The new product is designed for industrial, supply chain […]
  • Covid-19 Crisis: B-Id Supports Customers with 2,000 Masks
    B-Id supports the procurement of protective equipment and sends a signal to the community! In conversations with customers, Yiwen Jin, Managing Director B-Id, has learned that customers are experiencing massive difficulties in organizing protective masks for their employees. In some cases, the companies were quoted offers of horrendous costs per piece from dubious sources. From […]
  • Most respectful thanks to all first responders in Covid-19 crisis
    We stay actively in contact with our readers! In compliance with local and national recommendations, we have taken measures to restrict contact in order to slow the spread of the coronavirus and help protect our community. While we do what we can to mitigate additional medical emergencies, we would like to express our sincere gratitude […]
  • Turck Informs About the Covid-19 Situation
    Turck is there for you even under the current difficult conditions! At the moment, the Covid-19 crisis is the dominant topic for all of us. Like many other companies, Turck is faced with the task of continuing to serve customer requirements in the best possible way while protecting your health and that of our employees […]

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