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The Economies of the World must Crash


Before the Mark of the Beast can come into existence, the human bloodlines of Satan are working hard to crash the currencies of the world. Then they can implement their computer dollars.

Digital money that is controlled by the RFID chip embedded in a person's hand or forehead. All other monies are obsolete like Confederate money. If a person does not cooperate with the Antichrist, he will have their money shutoff. They get no food, shelter, medical, clothing or anything to survive. This has already been invented and just waiting for one big catastrophe to begin.  DISCLAIMER: War of the Angels does not endorse any 3rd party video. We are not responsible for any content, and we may or may not agree with everything in the following videos.

Global Economic Crisis

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  • New B-ID product: RFID Cable Tie Transponder
    B-Id offers you a variety of solutions for applications requiring a cable tie. The application areas and advantages of a regular cable tie are combined with RFID technology and thus offer extended possibilities. RFID cable ties offer a simple solution for fast identification, securing and serialization of cable harnesses or various other objects. The CBT1818 […]
  • Elatec product: TWN4 MultiTech Nano
    The TWN4 MultiTech Nano RFID modules are also fully TWN technology compliant RFID readers. Their miniature size and low energy consumption allows for integration in smaller battery powered consumer devices like tablet PCs, POS terminals, mobile payment systems, etc. Furthermore their components are mounted to only one side, which facilitates an easy placement on the […]
  • Interview with Kessaris: Kessaris tracks and locates jewelry and watches with RFID
    Jeweler Kessaris implements an UHF RFID solution for inventory and localization of up to 10,000 items Jeweler Kessaris offers around 30,000 different jewelry and luxury items in each of its eight stores – with prices of 5,000 euros or more not being a rarity among them. Articles that are missing or cannot be found directly […]
  • HID Global: Open architectures & standards for physical access control systems
    The Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP)! Open architectures and communication standards increase application possibilities for physical access control systems. Physical access control systems are the standard solution for securing access to buildings or offices. But they are also increasingly becoming the linchpin for controlling operational processes, says HID Global, the world's leading provider of trusted […]
  • Issue 01/2020 of RFID & Wireless IoT Global released
    Topic: Retail, Supply Chain and Consumer IoT! Structural change in the retail sector is in full swing. The classic stationary retail trade is facing great challenges. E-commerce, in contrast, shows double-digit growth rates. In most European countries, the proportion of customers making a purchase on the move and online is over 50 percent. Multichannel shoppers […]

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