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The Economies of the World must Crash


Before the Mark of the Beast can come into existence, the human bloodlines of Satan are working hard to crash the currencies of the world. Then they can implement their computer dollars.

Digital money that is controlled by the RFID chip embedded in a person's hand or forehead. All other monies are obsolete like Confederate money. If a person does not cooperate with the Antichrist, he will have their money shutoff. They get no food, shelter, medical, clothing or anything to survive. This has already been invented and just waiting for one big catastrophe to begin.  DISCLAIMER: War of the Angels does not endorse any 3rd party video. We are not responsible for any content, and we may or may not agree with everything in the following videos.

Global Economic Crisis

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  • Fast Tag Detection at Warehouse Gates with TURCK RFID Hardware
    Multiplex operation with external antennas on UHF RFID read/write head Q300! The challenge of incoming and outgoing goods: In logistics, incoming and outgoing goods must be detected shortly before the trucks are loaded or unloaded. With UHF RFID, this detection is reliable and also possible over long distances. So-called gates are set up for this […]
  • HUAYUAN: Reasons for Using RFID Technology in Warehouse Management
    What problems do manufacturers face in traditional warehouse management? The manual location of stored goods in the warehouse is inefficient. The data of the goods being checked in and out of warehouse is mainly being recorded manually, leading to errors and omissions that often occur. The collected data entered into the ERP system manually increases […]
  • Banana Grower Tracks Harvest with NFC Tags from Confidex
    Confidex NFC tags will monitor fruit growth, provide supply chain visibility! Confidex, a leading designer and supplier of short-range wireless identification solutions, has announced that the Da K’Nang Laba Banana Cooperative in Vietnam is deploying more than 100,000 Confidex Ironside Micro NFC tags to manage and track fruit in the field.
  • Avery Dennison has developed intelligent labels and connected pharma packaging for better patient care
    Intelligent labels and connected pharma packaging for better patient care! As healthcare professionals turn to connected devices and wearables to improve patient care and the patient experience, pharmaceutical brands can innovate with connected packaging and labels. RFID inlays and technologies provide end-to-end inventory and item tracking solutions for increased accuracy, visibility, and security, starting at […]
  • HUAYUAN Launches Extremely Small High Performance NFC Tags
    Unlike RFID, NFC (Near Field Communication), is a 'personal' type of wireless technology with a limited reading distance. RFID on the other hand, enables bulk reading and has long reading distances suitable for inventory tracking, logistic, ...etc. HUAYUAN has launched two NFC tags that are extremely small in size with extraordinary performance.

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