January 22, 2010

5:55 a.m.

Father God spoke to me. Then showed me something.

He said, “Tell them I said....”

Four words. Then he wrote two words.

He was not coming to me as Abba Father. He was not God the Provider or God the Redeemer or any other names by which He was known. This was not a Father/Son conversation.

He was EL ELYON! God of Power! It was the first time in my life that I encountered El Elyon. He was the same God. But His purpose was different.

I was a servant. He gave me a command. I was to deliver His message. It was a very serious message. I was to report it exactly, without interpretation. This is what happened.

I was asleep when suddenly I was transported out of my body in the Spirit. I heard the stern voice of the Lord. It was Father God, only He was not in a loving mood. This was words of WARNING!

He spoke four words. “Tell them I said...” He left His message incomplete.

Then I found myself in a social or business setting with many people in a large room. I said, “The Lord is speaking,” in the present tense. I did not say that “The Lord has spoken,” or “The Lord did speak.”

No, I said, “The Lord IS speaking,” meaning He is speaking RIGHT NOW.

When the people noticed the present tense of my words, they gathered around me in suspense. I went to a long counter and leaned upon it with both hands. People gathered to hear every word, but there were only those four words: “Tell them I said...”

Suddenly there appeared on the counter a large, blank white sheet of paper.

I took a pencil and wrote El Elyon’s words: “Tell them I said...” I wrote them at the top of the paper, as a headline, on a single line.

Then El Elyon wrote in very large letters. Slowly making letters out of rudely constructing lines that eventually formed two words.

The writing was written as if being “scraped” upon the paper, not with smooth strokes. It was being forged by something that reminded me of a “hot knife.” Although the writing instrument was invisible to the crowd, I saw it. Maybe it was a small flat-edged sword that was very hot. Whatever the tool, it burned the words onto the paper, like a large stick of charcoal from a burned branch.

The letters came out looking like burned wood being scratched on the paper. The crowd gathered so closely in amazement that they nearly had their faces pressed against the paper as the words appeared like invisible magic to them.

The words were two in number, making for a total message of 6 words: four spoken and two written.

El Elyon was so serious. I was His Prophet for this message and I was not to back away from using that title for this. He made it quite clear that I was a servant, and this was a message that needed to be given as a stern warning about something.

It was time for El Elyon to make a bold and urgent message that everyone had better heed at this time.

Here it is:


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