Did you know that every single day, another 4,500 books are published? It is at the point that just because you write a book, does not mean anybody cares. Being good is not good enough. And now there is Amazon taking over the world.

I am blessed by the Lord to have come across a minister who has become the #1 Bestselling Author in the World in his category of "Religion." He accomplished this amazing feat by mastering what is known as, "The Amazon Algorithm."

Adam Hogue is mentoring me how to make Amazon work for me. It is not easy. I cannot even begin to explain all the fine details that are required to market books on Amazon. And today, Amazon is King of the World in Books, and now most of those are on Kindle. Authors who pay no attention to this will fade away. Of those 4500 books published every day, the average number sold will be less than one hundred in a lifetime, most of those to family and friends.

So that is what I am doing. You will notice that I will be writing blogs, and recording a weekly podcast. That will happen. But I have a gigantic priority right now, and that is preparing my books to be launched on Amazon. Once I learn what to do, and it becomes a habit, then I will move on to other projects on this site, such as blogs and podcasts, and maybe even some videos if my eyesite ever improves enough to read my notes. without having my nose pressed against the computer screen so you can see me.

But for now, I must be patient and adhere to a stringent blueprint for success on Amazon and Kindle, which controls 80% of all book sales in the world. I have been "warned" that if I even leave out one critical step, I am doomed to failure. That is how vital it is to learn the ever-changing Amazon Algorithms.

Making good progress, conquering one step at a time.