Did you know that every single day, another 4,500 books are published? It is at the point where just because you write a book, does not mean anybody will find it. Being good is not good enough.

The publishing world has been turned on its head by digital ebooks (Kindle), the same as the music industry going topsy-turvy with streaming music replacing records. Gone are the days when I could write a book and not concern myself with marketing, because selling them was the easy part. Now, bookstores all over the world are becoming obsolete as hard copy books have become dinosaurs.

I am blessed by the Lord to have come across a minister who has become the #1 Bestselling Author in the World in his category of "Religion." He accomplished this amazing feat by mastering what is known as, "The Amazon Algorithm."

Adam Hogue is mentoring me how to make Amazon work for me. It is not easy. I cannot begin to explain all the fine details that are required to market books on Amazon. Today, Amazon is King of the World at distributing books, with most of those being digital ebooks on Kindle. Authors who pay no attention to this will fade away, or worse yet, have Amazon yank your books off the market as in the days of book burnings and censorships.

So that is what I am doing. I have had to delay the launching of multiple new books ready for publication, to adhere to the Book God, Amazon. or else they will bury them. This is a dangerous world that has so much power over authors, singers, and songwriters.

I must delay my book launches for now, because Amazon Kindle has told me to jump, and I must ask, "How high?" They control 80% of all book sales in the world. I have been "warned" that if I omit even one critical step of the Amazon Algorithm  readers will never know my books exist, and my works will die in obscurity. That is how much power they exert over the reading public. But if I obey them, I will be able to sell books. Afterall, they like to make money, too. Nonetheless, it is their way, or the highway.

I must build an "Author Platform" on social media. I have no choice. My personal Facebook Page now has the maximum number of likes, at 5,000. They told me "Good boy," scratched my ears, and tossed me a doggie biscuit.  Next, I built  a "Business Page," and am starting to collect followers. I hope you will follow me at: www.facebook.com/jamesmichaelmullen.

But there is a SECRET WEAPON to fight back. It is called a "Private Email List." Not the kind of email list where you try to gain the MOST subscribers for your incessant spamming of get-rich-quick schemes. Instead, it is a much SMALLER list of "Readers," to gain a FAN FOLLOWING. I will forever OWN the list. Amazon cannot take it from me. Mark Zuckerberg can never ban me (again) when a liberal complains against me, nor can Twitter censor my account. My Email Fanbase is mine, and mine alone.

If you are either an avid reader, or someone who likes to read the occasional book, I would love to have you subscribe to my Fanbase Email List, in return for free books. I will never violate your privacy, nor bombard you with excessive emails.

Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you.

J. Michael Mullen